For All My Single Ladies, Single Is Better Than Being ...


For all my SINGLE ladies,

Single is better than being ...

- stressed 
- stupid 
- stuck 
- shutdown
- subjected to madness 
- sick and more!

Instead you are FREE, and have the opportunity and good fortune to have all that God/Spirit wants and desires for you. A real, healthy love. A good love. 

A one-of-a-kind, lifetime, godly love. 

And most importantly, you can surrender your heart to a surrendered heart. ❤️

Consider yourself SAVED and SPECIAL. Because what God/Spirit has ahead of you will be worth all that you’ve gone through. 

And make sure you are giving some of that good loving back to YOU, love! You have to love yourself and God first! ✨✨

In love, presence and gratitude,

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