When My Child Chooses Me


Anticipating the birth of my unborn child

Just waiting for the magnificent day

When my child chooses me

Decides that I am the one 

The only one

Equipped and ready for the parenting challenges ahead

On this unique path 

That we simply call a lifetime


He is confident that I can guide him with my life

Providing him with the necessary wisdom

Preparing him for a life full of many successes

Unimaginable surprises

Able to soften the blows from his few mistakes

Awaken his inner spirituality

And soothe all of his hurts


In my anticipation I ponder the weight of the task ahead

For I know that becoming a mother will be my biggest challenge

Provide my greatest growth 

And become the source 

And the reason 

For all my life’s development


Strangely I feel myself cozying up to the task

No longer as afraid

Feeling my inner strength mounting

As I prepare – mentally, emotionally and physically for the task


At times when the night is still

I hear my womb

Shifting, turning, preparing, and whispering

Beckoning me to be careful

For I must be discriminating

As I choose my other half

Selecting the one that can be deemed special enough

Wise enough

Loving enough

Committed fully in body, mind and spirit

To welcome our child into the world

And to share in this magnificent mission


For in my opportunity for motherhood

Lies my best chance at greatness

Supplying the world with a peace vessel

A creative gift

To shower the world with love and care

One that will live on

Long after my spirit leaves my current form


For I take my future job seriously

With a gravity reserved for this moment

Never allowing myself to forget why I am here


As I encounter everyday difficulties

Commonplace and supernatural miracles

Wondrous mistakes

And unbelievable success

I try to remember them

Imprint them into my subconscious

In an attempt to frame them and keep them

So that I may relay the value of the experience

When the moment is upon me

To pass this knowledge to my child


So as the seconds, minutes, days, months and even years pass by

And I begin to feel tenuous

Anxious even 

About time slipping by

I know my wait is not in vain

For I am earnestly preparing

Gaining strength

Uncovering knowledge

Developing wisdom 

Deepening my faith and spirit

And gathering the confidence to know that whatever life deals me

Together – my unborn babe and I are mystically equipped


So I trust that when the moment finally arrives

I’ll be ready

Really ready to receive my gift


Whenever I am blessed to have my child choose me



June 4, 2003