Portia R Scott

When I first landed on the Bella & the Babe website I almost left because I thought Uh Oh I won't fit in here. I am not vegan, barely organic, I work a lot and she will probably slap my hand because I didn't nurse my children past 6 months; although that wasn't my fault. I steer away from other parenting websites because they send a message of "YOU SHOULD" and if you don't then you are a bad parent. I sometimes let my kids eat a second Popsicle because I don't want to fight after working 12 hours. Brooke-Sidney really makes parenting simple. She has taught me that the most effective way I can parent is by listening to who I am. Most of us just want to be the best mothers we can be and sometimes that is swallowed up in trying to be the mother we see in someone else. Brooke-Sidney has taught me that it is okay to be me and that will be the best for my child. She has helped me tremendously with effectively dealing the guilt I felt about being a working mother. - Portia R. Scott, Full-time working mom