One of the greatest aspects of loving ourselves is trusting ourselves. So many of us think we love ourselves but we can't make a decision, dare to dream, get unstuck, or work on our goals because we don’t trust ourselves.

So, today I ask you, “DO YOU TRUST YOURSELF?”

This question when asked seeking the greatest truth can reveal the truth of how you feel about yourself.

Like many women, I grew up being told that what I thought was wrong or I didn’t know any better by my father. Those words imprinted into my mind and my soul. And they’ve taken years to remove and forgive. It’s why so many of us may harbor doubts, lack self trust, and need permission, approval and credentials to pursue our dreams. When we really only need to give ourselves the permission to pursue our God-given desires.

The voices in your head may not be your father but your mother, childhood teacher, caretaker, your ex-boyfriend, or someone who you fully trusted.

LOVING OURSELVES is clearing our minds, hearts, and spirits of these harmful words and stories that have been alive within us. It’s time to shed those stories and create your own built on a foundation of loving yourself as you were designed and created to be.

For the women who know they have stories to shed, who have blocks to reveal and overcome, and want to love and trust themselves greater, I invite you to check out my brand new program. Sis, it’s time to unpack the bags and get free. It’s time to step into a greater love for yourself and align with your divine purpose. It’s time to be ready and available for the love and abundance that’s designed especially for you - when you can see it and receive it! Message me to apply for the program or click link below. Limited spots available.

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