A Little Bit About Me and My Coaching So You Know if I’m For You...


A little bit about me and my coaching so you know if I’m for you...

Clarity is so freeing. ✨✨

I believe in YOU, your goals and divine purpose. 

I reference and believe in God and Spirit.

I pray with you. 

I meditate with you. 

I hear your soul speak through your words and how Spirit reveals things to me. 

I see you winning! In fact, I love visioning. 

I ask the hard questions in love.

In addition to God, I believe in self-love, gratitude and soulful mindfulness (MindSoulful) as foundational. 

I provide space for you to be ALL of who you are - - not who you are EXPECTED to be. 

I’ve been known to use stories from mama life. 

I’m allergic to phony and fake whiny voices. 

I don’t allow you to use any stories that are not making you vibrate higher — meaning more like God/Spirit.

I’m unapologetic about you stepping into the highest you. 

I’m committed - something many of us haven’t truly experienced. 

And it’s not about the money, yet I know it’s required for you to commit to your own transformation. 

And besides, I wouldn’t be honoring you, your abundant nature, or our energetic exchange without it. So, I’m unapologetic about my prices. 

And I love what I do and who I’m called to serve. ❤️

Any questions?? 

I’m opening up spots in a program for the woman who knows they have some SELF-LOVE HOLES - gaps where they aren’t loving themselves like God loves them. They’re tired of picking the wrong partners, lacking standards and boundaries, stuffing their feelings, hiding, not using their voice, and feeling unfulfilled. 

They secretly wish to live life full out but can’t crack the code to personal freedom, ease, grace, authentic (not cheesy) self-love, abundance, and a real relationship with God/Spirit. 

Is this YOU? If so, stop wasting time and breath! They’re so valuable. The world, not to mention your family, needs the full flavored, not watered down version of YOU. The YOU who LOVES YOU! Anyone who’s content with “regular” need not apply.

All coaches are not the same! Ask questions. Choose wisely. ❤️

Message me or use link below to learn more and be the first on the list for bonuses. 😘

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