Yikes. Well, the move is underway! And I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the boxes and organizing. 😆🙃

I’m taking each moment to release what’s not needed and say a moment of thanks for what’s still here and serving me (whether it’s clothes, pots and pans, or furniture). Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of things. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Spirit told me that hectic times and chaos was coming so to anchor into my breath and peaceful moments. I was warned to appreciate the quiet times I had before the move because my usual sense of calm and peace can be tied to my settled surroundings. #truth #howiammade

Well...let’s just say everything is still a bit unsettled as I work to get everything out of boxes and into the new home. 🏡

I shared this message of Taking A Moment to Say Ahh... on the latest episode of my podcast, THE MINDSOULFUL SHOW. I invite you to take a listen as I continue to dwell in the strength of the forecasted message. Once again, Spirit is showing me the power of listening to Spirit and within. ✨✨

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In love, presence and gratitude,