Wondering if all the claims of greater inner peace, calm, clarity are true?

Is it possible to be connected or more in tune with Spirit and your inner voice?

Or would you like help establishing and maintaining a consistent, fulfilling meditation practice?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, join my brand new offering - MINDSOULFUL™ MEDITATION SERIES - Meditation for the Mind, Heart & Spirit. 

Come experience what everyone from doctors to therapists to yogis to spiritual teachers have raved about. 

Come experience your own stillness and witnessing within. 

Beginning on Thursday, April 18 and continuing for 6 weeks, I am going to host a series of virtual meditation circles. These sacred containers will feature a selection of guided meditations, as well as an opening and closing talking circle, an opportunity to ask questions, and of course - a gratitude practice. 

This is a unique opportunity to experience meditating with me outside of my regular classroom and in the comfort of your own home. 

There is a beauty and sacredness in a meditation circle. 

It’s a chance to truly connect with yourself and Spirit as well as benefiting from the beautiful sharing of others experiences and questions. 

I will skillfully and intuitively guide you into the magic and mystery of meditation as well as be available for questions during your journey. 

This container is perfect for new and experienced meditators. Come learn how to meditate or restart and ignite your current practice. 

And if you ever tried to get to my physical class and couldn’t make it, here’s a great way to have this experience virtually. 

So I invite you to grab your favorite chair, meditation pillow, and beginners mind. Don’t wait. Limited spots available to ensure a safe, beautiful, and intimate container. 

Tentative schedule (subject to change based on Brooke-Sidney’s intuitive flow, class needs, etc) 

Session 1 - Simple - Following the Breath

Session 2 - Body Scan 

Session 3 - Loving Kindness 

Session 4 - Grounding 

Session 5 - Self-Love Meditation 

Session 6 - Affirmation or Mantra Meditation 

Each session is $25 / session 

Buy all 6 sessions and save for only $125.- 

Link below! 


Who is this series for?
- New meditators
- People curious about meditation
- Meditators who want to jumpstart their practice 
- Meditators who want to practice with others 

Do I have to know how to meditate? 
- NO

What are the benefits of meditation?
- Decrease stress
- Inner peace
- Calm
- Clearer thinking, clarity
- Connection with Spirit 
- Connection with your inner voice
- Health benefits
- Abundance
- Much, much more 

What do I need to meditate?
- Quiet place 
- Comfortable seat (meditation pillow, chair, yoga mat, the floor)
- (video conferencing software) for your desktop or phone/tablet 

What if I can’t do the whole series?
- Buy the days and times convenient for you

- No refunds after purchase or for no shows. 

What kind of meditation will be taught?
- Various forms - mindfulness, guided, mantra/affirmation, body scan, and much more 

What if I want personalized, one-on-one help? 
- Brooke-Sidney offers personalized meditation coaching.

Is this meditation series the same as Brooke-Sidney’s coaching services?
- Yes and No - The emphasis in these classes will be on meditation and mindfulness. There will be some coaching done through the beginning talk and Q&A period on these topics. 

- If you want spiritual life coaching, apply to work with Brooke-Sidney and receive a FREE SHIFT Session -

Other questions? Message or Email 

To purchase individual sessions: visit link below

Thursday, April 18 

Thursday, April 25

Thursday, May 2 

Thursday, May 9 

Thursday, May 16 

Thursday, May 23