So, By Now, You All Know I Did A Thing! 


So, by now, you all know I did a thing! 

I created a podcast + show called The MindSoulful Show. 

And one of the THE BEST PARTS is that I get to interview amazing people that either you know already - OR - you SHOULD KNOW. In fact, I believe that you will be blessed to hear from each and every one of my guests. 

I had an amazing conversation with Logan Rena - all about Self-Love and Permission. We discussed "situationships," the power of affirmations, and even how women were created to be nurturers and its effect on our self-care! WHEW! (I'm still letting that one sink in!)

And of course, we chatted all about SELF-LOVE and "Never Asking for Permission Again," which is also the title of her book. (link to grab the book is in the comments)

So, I am inviting you to not only check out my show (SUBSCRIBE AND 5-star REVIEW friends!) but this amazing episode that will leave you CHANGED and SHIFTED for the better. 

Don't say I didn't warn you that you will want to listen to this episode AGAIN and AGAIN!