Most of us know it is good to GIVE. It's also equally good to RECEIVE. Some people call this idea the law of GIVING and RECEIVING. 

It's the idea that in everything there is an EBB and FLOW. A ying and yang. A balance (dare I use that word) of energy achieved when we seek to both give and receive. 

Maybe you’ve been like me where you were taught that being GOOD, NICE, or LOVING (take your pick) meant GIVING, GIVING, and GIVING. So you OVER-GIVE. 

You, in essence, do too damn much. 

Although it may seem like no big deal at first, but people are creatures of HABIT. Whatever patterns get established in relationships and friendships can be very challenging to break. 

So, what started off as a simple give and allowance here turns into an EXPECTATION, ENTITLEMENT and DISCREDITING for the actual give or gift. 

It creates a relationship or friendship that lacks the natural cycle of flow or energy. 

And what follows is a pattern of one person continually giving while the other person is mostly taking. 

It becomes the HABIT. 

It becomes the tone, texture and lived experience of the relationship. 

Although it may seem harmless, the inequality of giving and receiving harms both parties. The giver doesn’t set good BOUNDARIES and doesn’t learn the powerful skill of RECEIVING - being open to others giving to them. 

And the constant "receiver"/"taker" isn’t given the opportunity to share and give as well as open to the growth of thinking about and considering others. 

It’s a relationship of disservice and inequity but ultimately lots of LESSONS. 

These relationships are opportunities to re-evaluate... 

...your boundaries
...what being in healthy relation looks and feels like 
...your part and responsibility 
...and your SELF-LOVE and SELF-CARE. 

The relationships are a beautiful place - ripe with opportunities for self-reflection and growth. 

They are opportunities to evaluate the FLOW of ENERGY and LOVE from YOU and BACK TO YOU. 

The Divine created a world, and a universe where there is giving and receiving, a flowing in and a flowing out - like the ocean tides, like our very BREATH. ✨

Today, think about whether your relationships have these energetic flows of giving and receiving, of RECIPROCITY, and ultimately an outpouring of LOVE and sharing from open hearts. 

A misalignment in this area could be blocking your abundance - without you even knowing it. 

In love, presence and gratitude,

p.s. For the souls experiencing misalignment and imbalance in relationships and friendships or even the ones who are tired of not experiencing the abundant lives presently here for them, apply to work with me. LINK Below!