Gratitude Opens Our Channels Of Abundance



Many of us know that a grateful heart is important. 

However, what many of us DON’T KNOW is that gratitude opens up the channels of abundance.⠀

Having a grateful heart gives us the heart position for more. ⠀

Gratitude helps us become more open to receiving. ⠀

Gratitude breaks down mental, emotional, physical and spiritual barriers.⠀

Quite simply, Gratitude lessens our resistance. ⠀

It softens us and opens us up to what LIFE is bringing our way - goodness.⠀

It truly helps us get out of our own way for all the abundance that is here for us right now- THIS MOMENT. ⠀

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In presence and gratitude,⠀

Photo taken: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Living my best life!