Letting You In On A Manifestation Tip for 2019✨

Letting You In On A Manifestation Tip for 2019✨

One of the best things that you can do is...

... to literally put yourself into the view or vision of the things that you want for your life. 

Otherwise known as visioning!

And for me, I am calling in a boat one day. A yacht. 🛥

So, I think it is so awesome and perfect that I am docked at this resort that has this beautiful marina. 

It’s a place where I can totally see myself having my own boat docked here because it is gorgeous and amazing. 

And I appreciate Spirit for allowing me to see what is ahead. 

You should try the same thing. 

Envision your dreams. Put yourself in the picture of your dreams. 

Today, on the last day of 2019, ask yourself: what can I envision BIGGER for myself to growth? Share below for greater growth. 

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In presence and gratitude,