Today my little guy's life was celebrated by walking 5 times around the sun. 

It made me think...

How are we celebrating our time... our breaths... our days on this planet? 

Are we living to the FULLEST? 

Are we pursuing things that bring us JOY?

Are we spending time with people who LOVE and HONOR us?

Are we working towards our DREAMS? 

Are we expanding the VISION for our lives?

Are we GRATEFUL for each and EVERY moment? 

My PRAYER for you today is that you can honestly answer YES to all of the above. 

If not, it's time for a CHANGE. ✨✨

With this next breath, DECIDE to live a life that you are GRATEFUL for and allows you to live it in full celebration. 

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In presence and gratitude,

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Photos: Taken at my son's Montessori School for his birthday celebration 🎉

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