This Year’s Birthday Letter To My Little Guy! 

This year’s birthday letter to my little guy! 🎂❤️

Happy birthday! I cannot believe that you turned 5 years old today. Honestly, it feels like yesterday when I was talking to you in my belly and saying prayers for a healthy and happy baby! All of my prayers were answered over and above my requests. 

I’m so blessed that you choose me to be your mama. You’re fun and funny. You’re so good natured - a naturally happy human being. And you have a sensitive and knowing way about you that exceeds your 5 years on this planet. Your hugs are truly the best and always warm my heart. 

Your smile cheers up everyone who sees it. And you truly have a heart of gold and love sharing and being with others. 

You make friends easily and are naturally so outgoing! 

I’ve loved seeing you try new things this year and step up to life so courageously. You don’t back down from a challenge. In fact, you have been meeting each one face to face. I admire you!

You have a passion for heights and a bit of a daredevil streak. Fearless! I am still amazed at you climbing the Mayan Ruins in Belize, which were above the tree line, braving water boats and submarines. You are a natural born traveler and explorer. (I think you got that from me!) This year we had a western Caribbean adventure (Grand Cayman, Belize, Honduras, Cozumel, Mexico), Miami, San Diego (Legoland) and other small little trips here and there. I am excited for all the passport stamps ahead of you! It’s been filling up since 1 years old. 

You have the best heart Bubbi. Thank you for making me a mama and doing this life thing with me. My life is forever changed for the better by you. 


Love always,

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