My 2018 was full of ups and downs. 🎡 So, the lessons I learned are a GOLD MINE! ✨✨

📌 Know your value and your WORTH, then act accordingly.

📌 People are either a DISTRACTION or a part of your DESTINY. Be discerning about who you give your time and energy too. ✨

📌 LOVE IS A VERB. It’s an action. #100. Actions must match words. 

📌 Never be afraid to have BIG DREAMS. Anything else is a subconscious limitation. 

📌 Don’t blame yourself or feel down about past mistakes. Take it all as a lesson. If you knew better, you’d do better. 

📌 Each moment and with each breath, we get a chance to begin anew. 

📌 GRATITUDE is the key to happiness and manifestation. Yes and yes. (Have you signed up for my upcoming free Gratitude Challenge? 😘)

📌 Silence is loud, and I love it. 

📌 Energy is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! ✨✨

📌 Cultivating a deeper relationship with Spirit and your inner world opens up alignment and possibilities upon possibilities 

📌 Having a deep love for yourself truly allows you to hear yourself and trust yourself completely #selflove #innervoice 

📌CLARITY is key. It’s the essence of having the power of discernment and knowing the next aligned step.

📌 There’s CLARITY and there is CONFIRMATION! When both occur, ACTION is required to stay in ALIGNMENT.

These are just SOME of my lessons in 2018. What did you learn in 2018? Please share below. 

In presence and gratitude, Brooke-Sidney

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Photo taken: Cabo San Lucas, MX - Breathless Cabo San Lucas