Today, I am grateful for...


Today, I am grateful for:

✨Love: even when I feel like it escapes me and isn’t perfect, I’m still immensely grateful for it. 

✨ Peace: I understand and value the peace I feel from within.

✨ Calm: Because being calm feels like the right thing to do even when it’s hard to do. It still feels good. 

✨ Hope: I feel hopeful despite ups and downs. I know that everything is working out for my good.

✨ Appreciation: For all of my experiences in my life. I am learning more about people, relationships, and myself. I count them all as good! 

✨Spirit: Because I can do all things through and with Spirit. 

✨ Abundance: I’m so thankful for the abundance in my life and all of it coming to me in various and magnificent ways. 

✨Acceptance: I’m learning the value of accepting myself and others - just as they are. 

These are some of the inconspicuous or internal items I am grateful for this morning. Writing these down daily helps me to see my growth, value my life, and love myself in this moment! ❤️

What are you grateful for today? Share below! 👇

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Photo Taken: Hotel Casa del Mar - Santa Monica, California