Today, I'm coming to you with a quick message - actually, it's a question.

What did you wake up today with on your soul?

Oftentimes we wake up with a burr in our side or something that is really pressed down in our spirit. Meaning, it is a thought, a feeling, an urge that we can't shake. Maybe it's something that you need to do? Maybe it's an idea that you need to write down? Maybe it's someone who came to you in your spirit that you need to call?

My advice today is to listen to it. Whatever is in your spirit, in your mind, or on your mind or in your heart, I'm advising you to listen to it. And take one small step towards it.

So, if it's something that you need to do - - take a first step.

If it's a person that's in your mind or heart, and they're still in the present form -- contact them. Say Hello! Send them a message.

Or if it's a thought or an idea that you have, make sure that you write them down. This idea could be the seed for something that's going to sprout later. That's beautiful, fruitful, and really taking you to the next level.

Please share below what you woke up with in your spirit?

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In gratitude and presence,


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