MindSoulful Minute™: FEEL THE FEAR & DO IT ANYWAY!


Today, I'm coming to you with a message because I've been on this” getting fear out of the way” track. So, today I am telling you to feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you're not able to kick fears behind, which is what I talked about in an earlier MindSoulful Minute, then I'd love for you to feel the fear, or whatever is coming up, and do it anyway. 

So here's a little sneak peek or a little insight into fear. Fear is actually healthy. Fear helps us stay safe. Like, without fear, we might run in front of a car, which is all prehistoric type of thinking.

Today, we know that fear was originally designed to keep us safe and to make sure we don't kill ourselves. But, we have the opportunity today in 2018  - - especially for those of us using all our MindSoulful tools and checking in with ourselves --  to feel the fear and do whatever it is anyway.

Because we know that on the other side of fear stands all the things that we want out of life.  Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, or writing that book (hey, I can help you with that), or anything else that is in alignment with our goals and our dreams. We know that oftentimes we have to either take fear along with us and do it anyway, or kick its butt and get it out the way. 

Either way, we know that on the other side of fear is all of the amazing things that are waiting for us. 

What’s waiting for you on the other side of fear? Let’s share and encourage each.

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In presence and gratitude,


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