What makes you sparkle?
What helps you feel like magic?

Is it your connection with God?
Operating in your gift? 
Hanging with loved ones? 

Or is it your sparkly nails? 
LOL - Nope, that’s just me!

Life is full of the basic, the regular. And without deliberate efforts to switch it up, we can get weighed down by it. Cooking dinner. Getting ready. Running errands. Dropping kids off at school. Paying bills.
The regular.

So, we have to consciously create sparkle.đź’«

We have to light it up! We have to feel our magic.

By. Any. Means. Necessary.

What choices are you making daily to feel your magic? Yes, YOUR MAGIC. Your God-given LIGHT.

I invite you to celebrate YOU and your SPARKLE, your MAGIC.

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In gratitude and presence, Brooke-Sidney Harbour