“Damn. Did I Say That?”


“Damn. Did I say that?”

Yes, you did. 

Although you may now regret what you said, the words cannot be undone. 

Words are so powerful. 

They either bless us or curse us. It’s no in-between. 

I used to have this bad habit of saying, “I don’t know.”  The phrase was like my catch-all. If I didn’t know something, I said it. The problem was that there were many times when I did know and I still said, “I don’t know.”

I had created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Doubting my knowledge. Doubting my words. 

And I didn’t even know it. 

Once I became mindfully aware of this pattern, I worked to change it. Who wants that word curse?!

Instead, I learned to pause. Give myself time to reflect and answer. 

And then my “Yes’s” became stronger, as did my “No’s.” 

And when I really didn’t know, it was empowering to say so and not a disempowering habit. 

What are you speaking over your life?

What are you declaring or affirming? 

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In gratitude,