Today I accomplished something amazing...✨


Today I accomplished something amazing...✨

I asked for help and completed a well overdue project. ✅

Since moving into my home about 2 1/2 years ago, I significantly reduced my belongings. However, those belongings ended up living in boxes - mostly in my garage. 

Although I removed some items and bags, I needed help moving the boxes and taking them to Goodwill. (The boxes are heavy. 📦 And there are spiders and bugs in the garage. 🕷 🐜 😂). 

Today, those items were moved out of my garage and donated for the greater good! 

I love giving to Goodwill because I trust that Spirit will find a new home for the things I no longer need and want.✨✨✨

I’m excited for the new energy and abundance headed my way by clearing out the old and the clutter. 

And here’s to changing patterns of asking for help. No shame. And I definitely gained. 💚

What are you clearing out to allow room for the new? ✨

Do you have end of year cleaning and decluttering processes? 🧹

I’d love for you to share below! 👇🏽