Small Business Saturday Special to Bust Your Book Blocks

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Are you worried that you won’t finish writing your book in 2018? 📖

You don’t have to be. 

What if you had a book coach on speed dial ... well, Voxer to be exact?

You’d have someone there for 30 days ... 
... dedicated and committed to your success 
... aligned with your book goals 
... to keep you on track
... for constant encouragement 
... to remind you of your goal/purpose 
... to help bust your writing blocks 
... to upgrade your mindset 

And let’s be honest, your book coach won’t let you quit. 

That’s why I am offering a special - BLACK FRIDAY - 2018 BUST YOUR BLOCKS special to ensure you get to the finish line - not only with a book but better off than you started. 

For a limited number of authors, I’m offering a special of $333 (regularly $888) because it is Black Friday and I love the number 3. (For fun, the number 3 is associated with communication, self-expression, spiritual completion, and much more!)

- Development of writing plan/schedule
- 4 - 30 minute calls (1 per week) tailored to your needs 
- Voxer on demand support for questions, writing blocks and mindset issues. (Hey, it’s what counts)
- Writing tips 
- Special discount pricing for editing services.

- And much, much more!
- Note: this is an accountability and support package only. For additional author coaching packages (i.e., outline development & review, book idea, concept, marketing etc.), please see my other author packages. 

Ensure your success by getting the support you need to finish writing your book in 2018. 

Take the stress off and get your own book coach in your pocket (well, phone that is). FINISH THAT BOOK! 

💫Only accepting a limited number of authors at this rate, so BOOK NOW! USE CODE BLACKFRIDAY to save $555. 

Questions: email me at