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You don't have enough time for you?

Aren't dedicating proper time to self-care?

You don't even know your self-care goals?

You wish you had a meditation practice?

Mama Guilt is always creeping in? 

You're often overwhelmed by your daily to do's?

You're tired and stressed out

You lack confidence?

Other women and mothers have it all figured out?

You could use a gratitude boost to feel more blessed and grateful?

You are unsupported and lacking community - a group of women who truly understand you?

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You found "me time" daily and weekly!

You felt in alignment with your self-care goals!

You had an amazing meditation practice!

You were FREE from Mama Guilt!

You felt ease, relaxed and joyful most of the time!

You were organized and excited about your daily and weekly to-do's!

You feel confident in your life!

You were deeply and truly grateful for your life and discovered new blessings daily!

You truly loved your life

I know what it is like to want.... 


- to see major shifts in my life. 

- to feel more confident

- to have more time for myself.

- to overcome mom guilt and stop feeling guilty.

- to feel refreshed instead of rundown

- more clarity to make more aligned decisions

- to be closer to Spirit

- to see your dreams coming true. 

- to experience more inner peace and contentment

- to deepen my gratitude

to feel more freedom.




I am a woman and mama just like you!

I'm not perfect and I don't have all the answers. 

I've just learned where to find the ones that work best for me and my family. And I can help you find those same answers too.

They are answers and guidance that comes from within. 

Let me explain...

All of us have a moment in life that disrupts us and causes us to question the status quo. 

My motherhood journey had a very unusual start.

It began with growing up thinking I didn't want kids at all.

In fact, I grew up thinking and believing that motherhood was a BURDEN. It was difficult. It was a struggle.

And that children require sacrifice and a releasing of your personal hopes and dreams.


I didn't create these thoughts out of thin air. I inherited these beliefs from my mother. 

It wasn't her fault.

In fact, like most of us, she didn't realize that she was passing down these thoughts. She didn't see how her words, actions and energy were communicating these messages. 


It was her belief and her mindset based on her life and the generations of women before her who had this challenge in my family. (Can we talk about generational karma or curses?) 

Well, sometime around my mid to late twenties, I realized that I had this belief - and I wanted to change it.

In fact, I discovered that I had simply taken on someone else's belief system (which happens a lot in families).  I didn't want to live in fear of motherhood or single motherhood - another dreaded condition based on passed down beliefs.

And, I didn't want to feel so powerless. I was also curious as to how some women seemed so fully capable, strong and even empowered by motherhood. And (gasp), there were women who actually loved being a mother and had amazing, connected and present relationships with their children.

When I was quiet, still and honest with myself, I realized that deep down.... I wanted that. 

So, setting fear aside, I embarked on this motherhood journey - fully aware of my past beliefs, along with my commitment to beating my fears, and the desire to mother confidently, love the journey, and have connected relationships with my children. 

My road to motherhood wasn't the easiest.

Check out my full BIRTH STORY here.  

Yet, despite the hurdles and the pain, I managed to feel at peace during my pregnancy, early years of motherhood, and truly love the experience.

I developed and picked up some tools along the way that I believe kept me, and continue to keep me, in a more peaceful, relaxed, confident and loving space. 


The MindSoulful™ Membership Circle

This membership is my heart-centered offering to help more women and mamas develop the inner tools, feel confident, make time for the things, people, and events that matter most (especially themselves), and love their lives exactly as they are. It's time for more empowered and mindful living and mothering. The MindSoulful™ Membership Circle is my call to action to the woman seeking simple and authentic ways to elevate her life.

This membership will help you...

figure out their self-care goals

find more time for self-care

live in alignment with their values

become free of Mama Guilt

develop centering and grounding practices

feel more ease, joy, and peace

deepen their gratitude and find more blessings

feel confident  

love their lives

enjoy their life's journey

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And unlike a live course or one-on-one coaching, the MindSoulful™ Membership allows you to work at your own pace. The downloadable content will be delivered to you via email at the beginning of each month. There will be suggestions on how to work through the content. But ultimately, you determine what parts you'd like to work on and when. 

The MindSoulful™ Membership is my call to action to the woman seeking simple and authentic ways to elevate her life.

On a monthly basis, you will receive the following: 

  • MESSAGE: Each month there will be a theme and message to support your mindfulness and conscious mothering practice.  

  • AFFIRMATION / DECLARATION / MANTRA: Each month there will be an affirmation to anchor in the message and practice. 

  • MEDITATION: A guided meditation or visualization exercise to support your meditation practice. 

  • HOLISTIC TOOLS: Additional tools and teachings in the area of aromatherapy, crystal therapy, or yoga. 

  • WORKSHEETS / TIPS SHEETS / WORKBOOK: There will be accompanying worksheets, workbook, journaling pages, or tip sheets to assist you with applying the monthly message and tools.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY EMAILS: There will be accountability emails sent to remind and encourage you on this journey. 

  • DISCOUNT ON COURSES: Members receive discounts on courses. 

  • DISCOUNT ON COACHING: Members receive discounts and "members only" offers on Mindful Mama Sessions and 1:1 coaching. 

  • DISCOUNT ON EVENTS: There are retreats and mindfulness events planned for the future. Membership Circle members will receive discounts on all events. 

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Initial Payment To Begin: $37

Monthly Recurring Payment of $37

Limited Time Only

Regular Rate of $47/month


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