Brooke-Sidney J. Harbour is an attorney and journalist turned "mama whisperer” for mamas and mamas-to-be who are sick of trying to mother the “right way” and want to get in touch with their “innate way.” 

Through her expert interviews, courses, events, personal stories and mama circles, she’s here to inspire your authentic approach to mothering - while making it all feel fun, easy, and empowering. 

Her journalism work has been featured on the Huffington Post, CNBC, Knight Digital Media Center, Annenberg Radio News, Pop+Politics, News21, and Platforum, just to name a few. Her adoring fans + customers have called her “intuitive,” “caring,” and “one of a kind.” She's “funny, accepting, and an amazing mama!"

And when she’s not sparking an authentic motherhood movement, helping women prioritize self-care with her Mama Love Planner™ or teaching about the Mama Mindset™, you can find her indulging in popcorn and M&Ms at the movie theater, doing some yoga, meditating, and dancing around the house with her son. 

Meet Brooke-Sidney + get ready to empower your mindful mothering at BellaandtheBabe.com