NaNoWriMo Author Coaching Package - Limited Time

NaNoWriMo Author Coaching Package - Limited Time


What if you could ensure your success with NaNoWriMo*? 

What if you could shore up your chances of finishing your book?


Hi, I’m Brooke-Sidney. I’m a professional author coach, ghostwriter and editor. I help writers, creatives, coaches, and entrepreneurs turn their spiritually powerful and personal transformative messages into books. 

I’d love to help you make the most of this latest NaNoWriMo! 

So, I’m offering this special AUTHOR COACHING PACKAGE. And it’s all about ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT

For the low price of $297, you will receive:

  • Two, 20-minute check-in calls, per week in which we discuss progress, setbacks, and successes. We can also bust any resistance that may have come up 

  • Voxer support - You can reach me on Voxer for quick mindset shifts, writing questions, or just personal upliftment. 

  • Motivational emails 

  • Customized Writing schedule and checklist

  • Writing tips

In addition, as a NaNoWriMo AUTHOR COACHING CLIENT, you’ll receive BIG discounts on the editing of your book. (Because DUH, you will have a finished book!) 

  • 20% off Developmental Editing (the first big edit following your sh$tty first draft)

  • 20% off Copyediting Services (the next drafts after the development editing) 

  • 20% off Publishing Consulting services (the how-to get your book on Amazon or to a big publisher)

Take the stress off and get your own book coach in your pocket (well, phone that is). Set yourself up for success. 

Only accepting a limited number of authors at this rate, so BOOK NOW! 

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Questions: email me at 

*NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month

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