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Hello, I’m Brooke-Sidney.

I’m a mama whisperer. Yes, I said it. A mama whisperer. I work with mamas and mamas-to-be who secretly yearn to mother more authentically. They are sick of trying to mother the “right way” and want to mother their “innate way.” I help them do it. 

My mission is to transform mothering from a world of “shoulds” to one of “feel goods."

I wasn’t always a mama whisperer. In fact, I’m pretty new to this scene.

I’ve been a lot of things and mama is my latest big gig. For most of my life, I’ve tried to check all the boxes. I did really well in high school. I was even Miss Teen of Colorado (yes, pure craziness!)

I went to college. The college that my father wanted me to attend - Hampton University. And then when I wised up to the fact that it was truly OK to go where I wanted to go - I transferred to Duke University, where I grew and grew and grew. I majored in Political Science and Women’s Studies. And I studied tort law abroad at Oxford University. 

And then I got stuck again.

I got stuck in the “shoulds.”

See, I had a father that loved to tell me what I should want to do. And I take responsibility for listening and wanting to please. So, although I had prepared myself to go to law school right after graduating from Duke to be a "good Brooke-Sidney," I earned the greatest disapproval and decided to wait. I wanted to pursue my media and marketing dreams instead (or in the words of my grandmother, become a secretary!). 

So for ten years, I worked in the fields of marketing and public relations. I had a good time working for companies like The Wall Street Journal as an Advertising Sales Representative and Mindshare (known as Virilion, before it was sold) as an Interactive Media Director. I was like a media director in charge of an entire department before I was 30! 

But my life still didn’t feel complete.

I wanted to pursue my journalism dreams. So, I applied to the University of Southern California - Annenberg School of Communications. Not only did I get in, I got a full Dean’s Scholarship. It was amazing and honestly, a dream come true. I spent the next two years living the dream - working on stories, doing videos, having my own radio show, working as an anchor on a TV show, being an assistant/apprentice producer for CNBC. I landed a Carnegie & Knight fellowship for a summer gig to produce a collection of stories. Life was good. And then, I graduated, and well, there were no jobs! CNBC, that wanted to hire me, had a job freeze. Oh, and I was going through this little thing called a divorce! Sigh!

So, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And my ‘ade of choice was law school, my backup plan numero uno! I figured that time waits for no one. I’d make my parents (a.k.a. Dad) proud. I would get the education I was interested in having. And besides, it could only make me more interesting as a journalist. I applied to schools in the Los Angeles area and decided on Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. 

Law school for me was a challenge. You take a writer’s and artist’s brain and make it function anally and completely analytically. Yikes! It was a recipe for disaster. And then you throw in a nasty divorce, financial woes, and just life upheaval. It was hard to get my footing at first. I managed to squeak out some decent grades but not the all A’s I was used to receiving. 

Somehow I kept my head up and tried to focus on the positive. I became the Environmental Law Society president. I got on the Entertainment Law Review. And then I became the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review. And I even did some moot courts, worked for a federal judge, and interned with the Environmental Protection Agency. Despite my rocky start in law school, I believed I finished on top. And even passed the toughest bar in the country, California’s, on the first try. Whew. 

And strangely, almost mystically (magically), I got a job as an Honors Attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency in San Francisco. Although there was a rollercoaster with the job’s funding or lack thereof for a while, it came through. I will never forget starting my first day there. Environmental lawyer dream - check! 

Well, life was going well. I was working, living my life.

Yet, life was far from complete. I wanted to be a mama.

I wanted to have a family. I’ve wanted a baby for years, well a decade or so (see my poem). So, my partner and I decided to try to get pregnant. Well, who would have thunk it, I got pregnant and really quickly (especially to not be a 20-something!). 

And since getting pregnant, my life has taken on its own trajectory. I became this new person - familiar but different. I had the craziest pregnancy. I had spotting and nausea for 24-25 weeks and an appendectomy. (Yes, you read that correctly. I had to get my appendix removed.) (Check out my birth story!) But somehow I survived and so did my gorgeous son. 

And from the moment I laid eyes on him, I have never been the same.

Love. Pure love. Smitten. 

I struggle everyday to be the absolute best person I can be for him.

I strive to stay true to myself.

I strive to create a space where he can grow and learn and  just be. 

I try to model mindfulness and presence. 

I consistently work at parenting naturally, gently, and consciously. (It's not easy and I definitely have to work at it.)

I have learned to mother in a way that feels right to me. That allows me to sleep at night, knowing that I won’t be perfect. But I’m becoming ok with that. 

I love talking to and connecting with other mamas. It’s like a special tribe.

I love honoring the amazing time that is pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I believe that we must mother the mothers

I get tingles when I think about celebrating all that is motherhood. Events like 120 day ceremonies, blessing ways, baby showers, birth day parties, 40 day postpartum, “sip and see’s” and many more ways to savor these amazing times. 



And I love holding the space for women to discover that they are perfect right where they are.

That we are all growing and becoming.

That motherhood is a journey, THE ULTIMATE spiritual journey.


And the best thing we can do is love ourselves, love one another, and give lots of grace. 

So I created Bella & the Babe to do just that - celebrate and honor motherhood, carve out time and space to learn more about our innate mothering wisdom, make some new friends along the journey, share our stories, learn Mama Mindset™ tips, create mothering tools that we can all use, and have a lot of fun along the way!

And when I’m not doing the mama whisperer thang, you can find me eating M&M’s and popcorn in a movie theater, doing kundalini yoga, or dancing around the house with my son. 

love and light,